• Agricultural

    Soda blasting will restore surfaces to their original state and provide a clean, smooth surface to start your restoration project where other media have proved too abrasive.
  • Automotive

    No heat build up with Soda - risk of warping/distortion is eliminated. Soda does not break surface tension of metal so acts as a rust inhibitor, delaying signs of rust.
  • Aviation (static)

    Body stripping without damaging the surface tension of aluminium. Soda cannot generate heat so will not warp/distort sheet panels.
  • Engine/Components

    Soda is water soluble so by jet washing after blasting, no working/moving parts will be blocked. Provides improved crack detection; any cracks will be exposed not packed by media.
  • Industrial Catering

    Enviroblast UK use food grade Soda which is non-toxic so can be used safely in a food processing environment and simply washed away at end of the process.
  • Industrial Cleaning

    For property maintenance or reinstatement. Soda is non-flammable and doesn't spark so unlike most other media, can be used in the Petroleum Industry.
  • Industrial Warehouses

    Soda blasting leaves behind a perfectly clean, smooth finish without any hint of the previous contamination and is non-flammable so can be used in many more situations.
  • Insurance (damage)

    Soda removes smoke damage, soot, synthetic resins, char etc to salvage, clean and deodorise assets. Mould remediation, water stain removal and prepping of floors after flood damage is another task for soda.
  • Local Authorities/Public Areas

    Soda blasting can cut costs and time to a third of other methods and greatly reduces/eliminates clean up/prep time.
  • Marine

    One step process to remove antifoul, marine growth, barnacles etc to give clean surface and highlight any previously concealed blisters or osmosis that would require treatment.
  • Plant

    No need to dismantle glass, rubber, lights etc. No need to strip down; soda will not damage bearings, chrome shafts or hydraulics.
  • Property

    Retain character and conserve original features of period buildings. Uncover hidden gems by restoring inside and renovating outside of your property.
  • Public Transport

    Our mobile facility can come to you to start off your restoration project. Soda is safe on the steel, aluminium, fibreglass body of your transport and extremely effective on intricate engine parts.